Fashion and style literally run through Shawn Horseman’s veins! His aunt and uncle owned the infamous Casual Hut in Augusta for 40 years until he took over in 1994. Shawn continued their tradition of dressing multiple generations from grandmothers to the trendy granddaughter in the latest fashions but he put his own creative touch on the store that is now SOHO.

He has a flair for fashion and can dress everyone from the conservative realtor to the traditional soccer mom to the cool college gal in clothes and accessories that make them feel and look their best. Shawn’s creativity and zest for staying current has kept Augusta women of all ages, along with their family, friends and Masters guests, dressed in the most current styles.

Shawn might be the creativity and energy behind SOHO but his team of buyers help him scout the markets to cater to all the different styles of their customers. They keep SOHO stocked and give their customers fresh looks and new choices.

Chloe - SOHO’s next generation, literally. She is Shawn’s daughter and mirrors her Dad’s knack for pairing current fashions for different personalities and lifestyles.

Anne - This chic grandmother of the bunch is a fashion industry pro and adds a touch of sass to SOHO.

Leigh - The ultimate soccer/ballet mom of four who always has specific customers in mind when she is at market. She knows the events they are attending and the places they are going!

Natalie - The effortlessly cool mom who has mastered dressing comfortably while looking great. Thank goodness since she buys what she likes at market!


Wondering why you came to our site and can’t buy from us online? If you did that,
we wouldn’t get to know you and we love getting to know all of our customers.
Come visit us at Surrey Center in Augsta, GA. We like to know who we are dressing!